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Little Shop of Physics News

Here’s your chance to be part of LSOP Live!

How can we make LSOP Live better? By including you! We aren't the only creative folks in town. We want to showcase some of the amazing creative young scientists out there! We have a new feature of LSOP Live we will roll out on our next episode—we are going to give a family the chance [...]

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Little Shop of Physics Care Package

Rams take care of Rams! At the Little Shop of Physics, we believe you learn science by doing science. Science is something that can be done with everyday materials. In your Little Shop of Physics Care Package you received rainbow glasses, refrigerator magnets, and a bracelet. Below are some suggestions on things to try with [...]

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Oglala Lakota Teacher Workshop

The Little Shop of Physics has a long-established relationship with the Oglala Lakota Nation. We have visited the Pine Ridge Reservation at least once a year for over a decade, and groups from Oglala Lakota College and Generations Indigenous Ways have come to Colorado State University for a variety of programs for students and teachers [...]

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LSOP Art of Science Contest

The LSOP Art of Science contest is open for all students grades 6-12 in the US! Submit an original composition — video, visual art, music, or written — for a chance to win awesome prizes! Need help coming up with an idea or are you just looking to connect with a scientist? We'll connect you [...]

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New LSOP Logo!

In addition to our new theme (We Are All Still Connected) and tie dye t-shirts, the Little Shop of Physics is excited to announce our brand new logo! Thank you to all the folks at the Colorado State University College of Natural Sciences and Creative Services for their hard work in developing our new look!

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Super Science Day: A Lasting Impact in Namibia

The Little Shop of Physics has a long-term partnership with B2Gold Namibia with the goal of bringing hands-on practical science education to K-12 students (learners) and teachers in Namibia. As part of the partnership, LSOP has traveled to Namibia multiple times to host teacher workshops; we have also hosted Super Science Days which are large [...]

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LSOP Live!

The Little Shop crew is live every Friday! Check out the LSOP Live page for episodes. Brenna juggling bubbles. We can show you how to make bubble solution that lets you do this! We'll do a bunch of fun science experiments that everyone can try at home. Join us on Zoom to ask questions and [...]

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Fall 2020 Student Art of Science Contest

The Fall 2020 Art of Science Contest is open and accepting entires through October 31, 2020. Students enrolled in grades 6-12 in a US school are encouraged to submit an artistic composition — video, visual art, written, or music — inspired by a scientific concept, experiment, achievement, current mystery, or open question in any field of science.

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Featured Video

LSOP Live: Pressure, October 23, 2020

We use pressure to levitate light bulbs and crush cans, including a really large one. We show you how to make an airbrush with a straw and a marker, allowing you to make some really cool artwork. We have a straw so long you can’t drink through it. And special guests. And more!

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