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Curious about how magnets work? Wonder why the sky is blue? Looking for some cool science experiments you can try with materials you already have at home?

So are we! Join the LSOP team every Friday at 11:00 AM. We’ll do a series of experiments on a different topic each week, and show you how you can try these yourself.

And do let us know what topics you’d like for us to cover next. What are you curious about?

Brenna juggling bubbles. We can show you how to make bubble solution that lets you do this!

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We asked you for ideas for our next show, and we got lots of great suggestions! For the next several weeks, we’ll be rolling out shows based on your ideas.


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Friday, December 4
11:00 – 11:30 AM


Water balloons bounce. And they look pretty cool doing it.

How LSOP Live Works

Making a safe science experience for everyone!

We have set up LSOP Live as a Zoom meeting so we can see you, and we can take comments and suggestions from our participants. Your energy is what makes the Little Shop what it is! The more excited you are, the more ideas you share, the better it is for everyone.

But we want to be sure that everyone can enjoy every minute of LSOP Live without worrying about excess chatter or a cluttered chat, so we’ve set up our Zoom meetings to be safe and secure:

  • We want you to be able to communicate with us, to send us questions or suggestions—so the chat field will be available for you! But anything you type goes only to us; the other participants will not see your comments.
  • We will monitor the chat, and we will have a person dedicated to watching the chat and adjusting meeting settings as needed.
  • Everyone will be muted—so you can ooh and aah and make as much noise as you like without bothering other people. If we want to give someone a chance to talk, we will unmute them.
  • We will spotlight the program video, and keep other people from sharing their screens.
  • We have set a limit on the number of participants. We can take up to 300 participants. This will let us keep careful track of everything that is going on. If you aren’t able to get in, you needn’t miss all of the fun—you can watch the video that we’ll post.
  • If people are disruptive, we will remove them.

We have also made some upgrades to our audio and video equipment so we will have a better looking and better sounding program than ever.

We have been impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of our participants, and we look forward to seeing you all on the next installment of LSOP Live!

Past Episodes

LSOP Live: Balance, November 20, 2020

Be prepared to be active! You’ll want to stand up and trying some of the activities that we share. We discuss how your sense of balance works and how to make it better. We show you how you can experience three different kinds of dizziness. We show you how to make it impossible to stand [...]

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LSOP Live: Energy, November 13, 2020

Energy is a science principle that can be used to explain and explore so many things. We show exploding bubbles and bouncing balloons, heat up a gummy bear by hitting it with a hammer, launch stuffed animals at great speeds, and explain the science of how it all works and how you can try all [...]

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LSOP Live: Force and Motion, November 6, 2020

You know how when you go over the first big hill on a roller coaster, it feels like your stomach rises up? That’s because it does…. We have a great demonstration to show this, as well as some things that look like magic. Can you pull a tablecloth out from under glasses on a table? [...]

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LSOP Live: The Goo Show, October 30, 2020

The boundary between solids and liquids isn’t as clear as you might think. You can make a liquid behave like a solid, or a solid behave like a liquid. Some things have properties of both, and there is a lot of interesting science that lies underneath. This is a messy but informative show. Can you [...]

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LSOP Live: Pressure, October 23, 2020

We use pressure to levitate light bulbs and crush cans, including a really large one. We show you how to make an airbrush with a straw and a marker, allowing you to make some really cool artwork. We have a straw so long you can’t drink through it. And special guests. And more!

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LSOP Live: Heat and Thermodynamics, October 9, 2020

When will fire pop a balloon? How can you use heat to power a boat? Can you see thermal energy, or use it to make art or a delicious treat? Find out the answers to all these questions and more on this episode of LSOP Live!

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LSOP Live: Light and Color, October 2, 2020

We have packed this episode with special surprises! We use laser pointers to peer inside objects and to pop balloons. We show why the sky is blue and why sunsets are red. We show you how to write with light and listen to light, and let you see beyond the rainbow! We are joined by [...]

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LSOP Live: Waves and Oscillations, September 25, 2020

Why do you swing your arms when you walk? Why is lightning followed by thunder? And, most importantly, what happens when you drop a bowling ball on a giant water balloon? In this episode of LSOP Live, we discuss all this and more. This week, we introduce a new feature – polling! We ask you [...]

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LSOP Live: Magnetism, September 18, 2020

Refrigerator magnets aren’t like other magnets…. They don’t have just one north and one south pole; they might have a dozen of each! And why do magnets stick to the refrigerator anyway? In this episode of LSOP Live we do more than a dozen cool experiments with magnets and magnetism. We show you where secret [...]

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LSOP Live: Bubbles, September 11, 2020

Brian, Brenna, Maude, and Emma serve up some awesome science you can do with soap, water, and bubbles. Check out floating coins, surface tension, sand that does not get wet, floating nail polish air, square bubbles, bubbles with holes in them, juggling bubbles, and our secret recipe for bubble solution!  

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LSOP Live: Kitchen Chemistry, September 4, 2020

Join the LSOP crew for some science fun in the kitchen! Color-changing tea, making cheese in 1 minute, making ink disappear, and, for our grand finale, a rather frothy microwave surprise.

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LSOP Live: Electricity

August 28, 2020 In our very first installment of LSOP Live, Brian, Brenna, and Maude experiment with electricity. Check out these awesome experiments involving static electricity, electric charges, and electric currents.

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