Who is the Little Shop of Physics? We are dedicated group of teachers, students and volunteers. Here are some of the faces of LSOP.

Brian Jones

Brian has a MS in Physics from Cornell and has received the Millikan Medal for notable and intellectually creative contributions to the teaching of physics. Brian’s day job is teaching physics at CSU. He started LSOP 25 years ago with 25 experiments in the back of his van!

Adam Pearlstein
Assistant Director

Adam received his MS in Physics from Colorado State University. He received the CSU College of Natural Sciences Award for Teaching Excellence and the AAPT Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. Adam taught high school for 5 years before working at LSOP and has been a volunteer since grad school.

Heather Michalak
Assistant Director

Heather received her BS in Physics from Colorado State University and got her start in Little Shop of Physics working as an intern! Heather has been around LSOP for a long time, and remembers what we were like before we wore tie dye.

Sheila Ferguson
Teacher in Residence

Sheila has a Masters of Education from the University of Northern Colorado, plus 90 hours of additional study in science and education. She is highly qualified for secondary science instruction and spent 20 years as an elementary teacher in Poudre School District, before coming to work for Little Shop of Physics.

Katie Wybenga
Amgen Future Science Teacher Intern

Katie is a Sophomore Chemistry Education Major at Colorado State University. She loves physics and plans to get a minor in it. When she grows up, Katie wants to be a high school science teacher.

Joe Chiavini
Amgen Future Science Teacher Intern

Joe is a Senior at Colorado State University. He is majoring in Natural Science Chemistry Education and plans to be middle school science teacher. Joe has lived many places and had many jobs, including in construction and as a chef.

Patrick Lindsell
Director of Video Production

Patrick is originally from Zimbabwe, and is a graduate of the London International Film School. He has worked as a professional videographer for over 25 years. Patrick is responsible for filming and editing all of our videos and podcasts.

Zäq Dickerson

Zäq is Senior at Colorado State University, where he is majoring in Biochemistry. He is interested in going into patent law, where he can put his LSOP problem solving skills to use. When Zäq is not at CSU, he lives in England with his family.

Kari Spicer

Kari is a Senior Physics Major at Colorado State University. Growing up, her favorite TV show was MacGyver, and building experiments for Little Shop of Physics as well as doing repairs on the road has given her the opportunity to emulate her childhood hero. She also loves working with kids and helping them learn science.

Mayon Hight

Mayon is a Senior Mechanical Engineering Major. He enjoys applying what he learns in class to hands-on experiments in Little Shop of Physics. Mayon plans on becoming an astronaut after he graduates.

Kayla Foster

Kayla is a Junior at Colorado State University studying Health and Exercise Science. She loves working with kids, and enjoys watching them learn about science! Kayla plans to one day work with kids professionally as a physical therapist.

Jansson Tuneberg

Jansson is an intern at LSOP and enjoys working in the shop as well as going on the road. Recently he put hundreds of batteries into hover pucks and dune buggies for an upcoming teacher workshop! In his free time, Jansson enjoys all things about A Song of Ice and Fire.

Dr. Roger Culver

Roger has been a volunteer with Little Shop of Physics since the beginning. His day job is being a Professor of Astronomy at Colorado State University, where he has been working for 49 years. Roger is famous for having socks that match his shirts. If you see him wearing tie dye, ask to see the socks!

Oliver Homan

Oliver is currently a student at Aims Community College where he is working on his degree in Television and Video Production. He has been volunteering with Little Shop since he was in elementary school, and loves to help share science with future generations. Specifically, Oliver enjoys working in the shop, going on the road, and putting his media skills to work documenting all the great things that LSOP does.

Nicole Rue

Nicole is a Sophomore Biochemistry Major at Colorado State University. She loves working with kids and making science fun. Nicole is interested in pursuing a physics minor.

Miles Blaisus

Miles is a Freshman at Colorado State University and is majoring in Computer Science. He first came across Little Shop of Physics at Freshman Orientation, where he spent a solid hour playing with our hands-on science experiments. He like the creative atmosphere of LSOP and enjoys building and repairing experiments.

The 2015-2016 Little Shop of Physic Crew
Photo curtosy of JulieannaD Photography