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LSOP Live: Do The Locomotion, April 2, 2021

By student request: A show about how you walk, how fish swim, how birds fly! If you want to move forward, you need to push backward—on the ground, on the water, or on the air. You want to do this efficiently, using as little energy as possible. In this show, we answer a bunch of [...]

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LSOP Live: Force and Motion, November 6, 2020

You know how when you go over the first big hill on a roller coaster, it feels like your stomach rises up? That’s because it does…. We have a great demonstration to show this, as well as some things that look like magic. Can you pull a tablecloth out from under glasses on a table? [...]

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Show Me Some Science: Air Power

How many balloons would it take to support a person? How about the wheel of a car? The LSOP puts it to the test!

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