Spring Science Extravaganza

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On April 22, the Little Shop of Physics hosted our Spring Science Extravaganza. Despite snow in the morning, this free public event attracted thousands of people to CSU campus for a day of science fun! We had our classic hands-on science experiment stations and some brand new demonstrations (think bubbles and rockets!) that are too big or too messy to try indoors!

This year we also rolled out a new sensory-friendly zone and the first hour of the event was a sensory-friendly hour. During this time, folks could explore before the crowds and our loud and flashy experiments were powered down.

Our theme this year is Shaping Science, Sharing Science because if you love something, it’s even better to share it! We were fortunate to be joined by some of our awesome science partners from CSU and Beyond:

Our videographer Patrick is working hard on a video, but for now you can check out these pictures: