APS PhysicsQuest 2023: “Making Waves” Kit

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Little Shop of Physics was thrilled to be asked by the American Physical Society to put together the hands-on activities for this year’s PhysicsQuest Kit!

“Making Waves” is all about understanding waves, and their application in art and technology through simple hands-on activities involving slinkys, LED’s, ChromaDepth glasses, and more!

Activity 1: Waves

In this activity, students use a slinky to make transverse and longitudinal waves.

Activity 2: Chromadepth

In this activity, students explore with chromadepth glasses. These glasses have special lenses which use diffraction to bend different colors by different amounts. This leads to an illusion of depth.

Activity 3: Red Light, Blue Light

Light travels in discrete bundles of energy called photons, and the energy of these photons depends on the color of light. in this activity, students have the opportunity to investigate which colors of light have the highest photon energy.

Activity 4: Multiplex Messages

In this activity, students can explore using colors to have multiple different messages on the same piece of paper.

Listening to Light

This devices turns light waves into electrical waves and then into sound waves. Click here to see the circuit diagram for the laser modulator.

You can visit the APS website for more information about past PhysicsQuest kits, and to request the 2023 kit for your classroom!  https://www.aps.org/programs/outreach/physicsquest/