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LSOP Live: Bouncing, Bending, and Twisting Light, February 19, 2021

Mirrors, lenses, and polarizers, oh my! In this episode we show you some amazing effects that you can recreate at home. We make objects seem to disappear, make transparent objects develop colors, turn people upside down, make a mirror out of transparent materials, and show you how to use a mirror to make what seems [...]

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Get Your Science On: Hole In Your Head

Check out Destiny’s unique take on a wormhole infinity mirror. This one uses a welding helmet to make a hole in your head! 2 semi-transparent mirrors (all called one-way or see-through mirrors) 1 welding helmet 1 string of battery-powered fairy lights or holiday lights tape, scissors, and glue

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Get Your Science On: Mirror Mirror

This experiment creates an illusion of an endless tunnel of lights going off into the distance forever.

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