Check out our latest and greatest. New material is released on Fridays during the school year. This will include new episodes of LSOP Live, Get Your Science On, Now You Know, Ask a Scientist a Question, and Flash Science.

LSOP Live: Everyday Science, Friday, May 14

In our season finale, we  show you dozens of cool science experiments and science tricks you can do at home with easy-to-find materials. You can make things float in the air, make things disappear, make things ride on a cushion of steam and more! We invited every member of the LSOP Live team to show [...]

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LSOP Live: Animals!, Friday, May 7, 2021

There is a lot of interesting science behind how animals see the world, move through the world, communicate with each other, and generally do what they do. Geckos use static electricity to climb walls, birds can see light beyond the end of the rainbow, and bees can sense electric fields—and they use this sense to [...]

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LSOP Live: Sustainability, Friday, April 30

Join the LSOP Live team for a special show on creative ways to reduce and reuse, as well as creative ways to convert and store energy. We show you how to make electricity using hibiscus tea and powdered donuts (and a bit of sunlight). We power a toy using heat from a cup of coffee, [...]

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