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LSOP Live: Bouncing, Bending, and Twisting Light, February 19, 2021

Mirrors, lenses, and polarizers, oh my! In this episode we show you some amazing effects that you can recreate at home. We make objects seem to disappear, make transparent objects develop colors, turn people upside down, make a mirror out of transparent materials, and show you how to use a mirror to make what seems [...]

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Flash Science: Index of Refraction

The Little Shop of Physics team is making more episodes of a series we called Flash Science—quick, simple experiments that anyone can do—with a twist: We’ll do them in the studio, and then we’ll join some folks at a distance to see how it works out in the world. In this installment, we see how [...]

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Get Your Science On: Crystal Clear

This week, Fey shows us a neat experiment called Crystal Clear, which uses a calcite crystal to make an image that is only clear when you’re wearing polarized glasses.

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