LSOP Live: The Goo Show, October 30, 2020

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The boundary between solids and liquids isn’t as clear as you might think. You can make a liquid behave like a solid, or a solid behave like a liquid. Some things have properties of both, and there is a lot of interesting science that lies underneath.

This is a messy but informative show. Can you use a pogo stick to bounce on the surface of a tub containing a mix of cornstarch and water? Let’s find out! We also show you how to make glow in the dark slime, fake wounds, and fake blood. Just the thing for Halloween!

When you mix cornstarch and water in just the right proportions, you get a mixture that has properties of liquid, and properties of a solid. You can pour it like a liquid, it will drip like a liquid, but if you push on it, it behaves like a solid. It’s a state of matter we are calling goo.

Here’s a video that we made that shows how to mix it, and what it does: