LSOP Live: Sustainability, Friday, April 30

Join the LSOP Live team for a special show on creative ways to reduce and reuse, as well as creative ways to convert and store energy. We show you how to make electricity using hibiscus tea and powdered donuts (and a bit of sunlight). We power a toy using heat from a cup of coffee, and make electricity using mud from a pond and shredded newspaper. We show you how to make some cool, durable art using plastic bottles and food containers, and how to make your own paper. We also let you go behind the scenes in our workshop to see all of the things we’ve saved from the landfill over the years that we use to create our hands-on science activities. This show has a bit of physics, a bit of chemistry, a bit of biology, a bit of art…. and a lot of creativity and fun times!

Video Shorts