LSOP Live: Science It Up!, February 26, 2021

 In LSOP Live

Last week, we asked students to share their questions with us—and did they ever! We got questions from “Why can we see clouds, since they are made of air?” to “Why do snowflakes have different designs?” On this episode, we take one question after another and Science It Up! We take each question and use it for experimentation and exploration. We figured out how to make snow crystals in the freezer, and we are experimented to see if we get different crystals at different temperatures. We see if we can make oil sink in water, do some experimenting with old TVs, create and destroy clouds and try to make a green cloud…. and more! Some of the things we try don’t work, and some will produce unexpected results—which is the best part of science.

The next time you have a question about how the world works, don’t look it up—Science It Up!

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