In CSU Spur, Little Shop News

The Little Shop of Physics team creates engaging and accessible hands-on science activities that are shared with K-12 students (and others!) all over the region. And now we have an exciting opportunity to partner with CSU Spur to develop some hands-on experiment stations that will have a home in the new buildings taking shape at CSU Spur.

One element of this project is to engage schools and students in the area of the Spur campus—to have students from schools in the area build the stations that will find a home at the Spur campus. This will increase engagement of the local community.

This is going to be a project that takes some time. We’ll need to build relationships with folks at Spur and with schools in the area, we’ll need to figure out what spaces will work and what sort of stations can inhabit these spaces, and we’ll need to think about the future of this collaboration.

Right now, we’ve got some great ideas, some eager partners, and an outline of a plan. And we need someone to spearhead this project.

Initially, we will hire someone hourly, so they can get started. Eventually, we will post a salaried position, and the person filling the hourly position will hopefully apply for this position, and will clearly be a strong candidate.

The job is posted here:

If you have any questions about the position, please contact Brian Jones at