This image shows juniper leaves and bluish “berries”, which in fact are not berries at all, but mature ovulate cones.

Everything You Need to Know: Is that a berry?

Cucumbers aren't vegetables, and neither are bell peppers. Raspberries are fruit, but they aren't berries, and neither are blackberries. But pumpkins, oranges, and bananas are all berries. What's the story here, and how can you figure out what's what in your kitchen? Read on for answers in this edition of Everything You Need to Know [...]

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Now You Know: Zoom Magic

Lot a many of you, we've been spending a lot of time meeting on Zoom recently. Here are some Zoom Magic tricks we discovered!

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Flash Science: Surface Tension and Pressure

Can a mesh fabric trap water in a glass? Sometimes! Brenna and Brian explain it all in this simple experiment!

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Art of Science Contest

We are excited to announce the Art of Science contest for Poudre School District students grades 6-12. Submit an original science-themed composition—video, music, writing, or visual art—and compete to win awesome prizes! Submissions are accepted now through May 15, and winners will be selected by CSU students and staff! For more information or to enter, [...]

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Ask a Scientist: Rachel the Botanist

What is the oldest living thing? What is the largest living thing? Find out on our first episode of Ask a Scientist a Question! Heather interviews Rachel Jones, a botanist who works at CSU. Sources The oldest individual living organism is a Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) in the White mountains of Nevada/California. The […]

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An illustration of a coronavirus provided by the CDC (public domain). The virion appears roughly spherical and has protein "spikes" projecting from its surface.

Everything You Need to Know About Coronavirus

Most of our content here is physics-focused and lighthearted, but we want to offer you a reliable, cohesive source of scientific information about SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) and the COVID-19 pandemic during this challenging time. To see our collected information on this important topic, please visit this page. Please check back regularly for updates -- we'll be [...]

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