LSOP Spring Science Extravaganza

The Little Shop of Physics was beyond excited to welcome the public — over 5000 folks in total — back to CSU campus for a day of hands-on science fun! On April 23, 2022 we hosted our Spring Science Extravaganza! This outdoor event featured over 200 of our favorite hands-on experiment stations as well as some experiments that are too big (or messy) to do inside.

Some highlights were Chromozone, infrared selfies, the giant chair illusion, karaoke physics, the world’s biggest oobleck filled balloon, catch a wave, plush projectiles, the levitation station, whacky wavy inflatable arm-flailing tube men, string fountain, loop-to-loop, giant fog rings, pool ball pendulum waves, giant Newton’s cradle, giant gravity well, are you fast enough?, and jump on!

Photos from the day can be found here and a video can be seen below.