In the Labs @ CSU

 In Little Shop News

This year the Little Shop of Physics is scheduled to bring hands on science to over 20 schools. However, we received over 80 requests to come visit schools. Thankfully, our relationship with the Colorado State University Physics department allows us to see a lot of students who would not otherwise be able to experience Little Shop.

It all begins the last week of classes in the fall and spring semesters. Little Shop set up 200 of our hands on science experiments in the 5 introductory teaching labs at CSU. The freshmen level physics class all get to experience Little Shop of Physics as their final laboratory of the semester. This is excellent review for their final exams as the college students get to synthesize what they’ve learned over the semester in a fun real-world way.

The following week during final exams local schools and homeschool groups schedule time to visit the Little Shop of Physics in the labs. This is an amazing experience for the K-12 students and for many of them it’s their first time on a college campus let alone actually in a college laboratory. The Little Shop of Physics Crew facilitates learning alongside the freshmen level physics student volunteers who just experienced Little Shop of Physics for the first time the week prior!