Zuni Reservation Spring Break Road Trip

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Over the Colorado State University Spring Break (March 15-20), a crew from Little Shop of Physics and the Native American Cultural Center traveled down to the Zuni Pueblo, in New Mexico to share science with kids!

The Zuni

Zuni with a population of over 6,000 people is the largest and one of the most traditional Pueblos, or communities of Native American People that dot the American Southwest. The Zuni People have a rich and vibrant tradition including art, food, and spirituality, that is still alive today.

Preparing for Our Trip

Thanks to a generous grant from the Halliburton Foundation, were able to give Science at Home Kits to all of the students that we saw on the reservation. The kits were assembled by volunteers at CSU prior to our departure. They contained Rainbow Glasses, UV Sunburn Beads, Bernoulli Pipe Balls, and Chromadepth Glasses.

Science With Kids

Over the course of three days we shared science with 1,100 kids on the reservation. This included programs at 3 schools, Dowa Yalanne Elementary School, Zuni Middle School, and A:shiwi Elementary School. We also took part in a community night, which was open to the public, and included traditional Zuni dance from middle school students.