24th Annual Open House: February 28

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On Saturday, February 28, 2015, thousands of scientists of all ages from Pre-K to Gray descended on the Lory Student Center at Colorado State University.  The 24th Annual Open House features the hands-on science experiments that are synonymous with the Little Shop of Physics. The original 25 experiments that made their debut in 2015 have multiplied to over 350 experiments total! This year we also tried some new things…

Presentations and Spectacles

In addition to the Little Shop Interactive Presentations (Sound of Science and Beyond the Rainbow), this year we introduced Science Spectacles, which were sponsored by Bohemian Foundation. These quick and zesty experiments are inspired by Weather and Science Day, where we partner with the Colorado Rockies and Channel 9 News to teach a science lesson at Coors Field. They’re too big to be held indoors, and despite the cold weather, folks came outside to enjoy them! This year the Science Spectacles included: Oil Drum Implosion, Giant Vortex Canon, Hamsters in Space, and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. Additionally, Visala conducted a Weather Balloon Launch.


For the second year, the Little Shop of Physics was joined by other organizations, both on and off campus, who enjoy teaching science to kids! These partners include:

  • CSU STEM Educators Club 3D Finger Painting.
  • University of Northern Colorado teachers in training science demos
  • CSU Human Anatomy Program Explorations of Human Anatomy
  • CSU Microbiology Program Microscope Exploration
  • NCAR Wind Tunnel and Sonde Construction
  • Oglala Lakota College Planetarium and Lakota Star Knowledge
  • Loveland High School and Jayla’s Dream Charity Garage Sale
  • Visala Weather Balloon Launch
  • Muscles Alive!


Check out some of the pictures from the day!

Open House 2015 Video