Credit, Assignments & All That

Recap & Feedback

  • Comments on writing
  • Comments on process
  • Follow up:
    • Infrared photos
    • Coldest / warmest things

Engage / Explore / Explain: Thermodyanamics

  • Engage: Bending a paper clip
  • Explain: Laws of thermodynamics
  • Explore: Warming the tabletop: 2 different ways

Engage / Explore / Explain: Energy Transfer

Extend / Evaluate: Energy Transfer at a Planetary Scale

  • Discussion: Review: Why does it get colder as you go higher in the atmosphere? Give two reasons.
  • Extension: The stratosphere: What’s up with this?
  • Extension: How about Mars? Venus? Titan?

Extend / Evaluate: Applying Energy Concepts to the Atmosphere

  • Absorption, emission, transmission: In one sentence, explain: Why does it get colder on clear nights than on cloudy nights?
  • Question: Why does it get colder when it snows?

Extend / Evaluate: Radiation and Energy on Earth

  • Question: Why is July hotter than May?

Evaluate: Today’s Writing Assignment

  • Write and upload answers to the following questions:

    • What are the main lessons from this session’s activities and discussions?
    • What questions or uncertainties about this material do you still have?
    • What did this session make you wonder about—what questions did it raise?

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