Here at Little Shop of Physics we’re exploring novel ways to connect CSU student interns with K-12 students for science engagement! We have time, expertise, and a variety of materials which could be provided to classes as well as individual students. We have some ideas but are also able to tailor our program based on an individual teacher’s needs.

One possible model is similar to what we did in the fall with the Larimer County Boys and Girls Club: one member from the LSOP Team was present on-site to supply materials and facilitate a virtual connection; the children then worked in small, physically-distant groups guided by CSU students. This approach could certainly be modified for remote or hybrid learning.

We have a variety of topics that we could cover; one possibility would be to conduct a followup visit after an episode of our popular show, Little Shop of Physics Live ( Alternatively, we could cover any of these topics (or others!) based on your interest and curriculum:

  • The Rainbow and Beyond
  • Electricity
  • Spin
  • Balance
  • Waves and Oscillation
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Pressure
  • Force and Motion
  • Energy
  • Weather and Climate
  • Design and Engineering
  • Science and Art

Of course, any interaction with a K-12 class would involve student-centered inquiry and will incorporate the scientific method. Additionally, we could tie a classroom connection into our Art of Science contest, either as a kickoff event to get your students interested or as an outlet for students to ask questions and flesh out their individual compositions. (