For the past six years, the Little Shop has received funding from the Bohemian Pharos Fund to create kits for schools in the Poudre School District. As of next year, we’ll have created kits of instructional materials for each grade K-8. Each year, 10,000+ PSD students explore lessons enhanced by content from the Little Shop of Physics.

Each kit is designed to meet state standards, to complement existing materials, to permit all students to explore and experiment hands-on, and to elicit a sense of wonder.

Teachers learn about the Electricity Kit, for 4th grade.

A key element of each kit has been the planning and the training. Each kit is planned at a cooperative workshop with teachers who will use the materials; each kit is shared with teachers at an interactive workshop that explores the science content as well as the contents of the kit.

Sheila Ferguson sets up the workshops, connects content to standards, and does much of the writing.

Next year, we have funding for a kit on solids and liquids for 1st grade. This will be an interesting challenge!

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