Society of Physics Students Congress 2022 Workshop

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Iron Chef Science

Science is something that anyone can cook-up!


Science is something anyone can do, with anything, anytime. One of the missions of Little Shop of Physics is teach science through hands-on exploration. Data shows that experiencing science through hands-on learning is more effective and reaches a larger audience. This workshop will give you a taste of the Little Shop way. For a PDF of presentation click here: physcon-2022

Three activities you can do with any age audience.

Cup Filters

Person holding holding yellow cup over light.
Ty demonstrates a blue blocking filter.

Activity write-up: Cup filters


Person holding a wire. Cup with aluminum tape and wires connected to it. Green LED is lighting up.

Coherer set-up video.

Coherer AAPT article by Christopher Chiaverina, (friend of LSOP): Demonstrating the beginnings of radio communications


Writing with Electricity

There is sheet of aluminum foil, wires, a 9 Volt battery, a yellow piece of paper, and a reddish piece of paper in water in a plastic dish.

Writing with electricity set-up video.

Writing with Electricity write up for 4th – 8th grade.


3D print your own stackable people!

Would you like more ideas on the kinds of activities that you can do? Check out these different video series:

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