Boys and Girls Club and CNS Science Outreach Scholars

 In Little Shop News

The partnership with the Fort Collins Boys and Girls Club (BGC) and College of Natural Sciences Learning Community Science Outreach Scholars was planned before the pandemic. Our goals were to:

    • connect first year college students to K-8th grade students.
    • learn science through hands-on exploration.
    • have the all students learn about different ways to look at the world by exploring science together.

At the beginning of the Fall 2020, it was uncertain if we could achieve this goal. After some creative ideas and hard work from people at the Fort Collins Boys and Girls Club and Little Shop of Physics, we made science hands-on learning possible remotely. We wanted to document our journey to show We Are All Still Connected.

Connected small groups of students through Zoom breakout rooms.

Science Outreach Scholars created programs on Micro:bits for BGC students to explore.

Everyone received a magnetism kit to explore together.

They explored their world using rainbow glasses and near infrared!