Science Art Connection

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What is the Science Art Connection?

We were inspired by the Art of Science entries. The contest winners particularly demonstrated creativity in connecting art to science. We would like you to share a fun science concept or phenomenon using art. Each week on Monday we will post a science theme and some art examples. Your original art can be shared on social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter). Choose your own art medium and tag us in your post and add the #LSOPScienceArt hashtag! Some examples include painting, poetry, and dancing. The Little Shop of Physics Science Art Connection team will pick their favorites each week, we will share our picks on Saturday. We encourage all ages of people from all over the world to participate. 

Theme for week of July 20 – Space and Astronomy

July 20, 1969 humans first stepped on the Moon! In celebration of this achievement, we will be connecting art with space and astronomy. Here are some examples of space themed artwork from our Little Shop of Physics team.

Marker on construction paper

by Olivia and Jackson

Watercolor and sharpie on paper

by Reagan Guerrero

Black Hole Terrarium

By Hunter Ridgeway

Description of the layers of the black hole terrarium:


Inner horizon= white sand

Outer Horizon= black sand

Static limit= moss

Ergo sphere/radio waves= plant

Grayscale Galaxy – spray paint on magazine sheet

by Maude Pointet

Moon Phases – spray paint on canvas

by Lena Cuevas

Total Solar Eclipse – photography

by Adam Pearlstein

Comet NEOWISE – poetry

by Heather Michalak



Look northwest after sunset

Its tail is fading