Zuni and Acoma Road Trip

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Over CSU’s spring break, the Little Shop of Physics teamed up with the Native American Cultural Center and travelled to the Zuni and Acoma Pueblos in New Mexico. There, we did science with over 1,100 K-12 students at 4 different schools: Dowa Yalanne, Zuni High School, Sky City Community School and A:shiwi Elementary School.

In addition to exploring the 100+ experiments in the Little Shop of Physics Hands On Science Experience, every student received a Science at Home Kit which included reusable heat packs, chromadepth glasses with a chroma 3-D card, reaction time rulers, reaction time thunder sticks, UV color changing bracelets, color changing pencils, inflatable air bags, and colored pencils. The students had the opportunity to engage with NACC students and staff, some of whom are from nearby Pueblos, and learn about opportunities to attend college at CSU including financial aid available for Native American scholars.

This was our second time at Zuni Pueblo and our first at Acoma Pueblo. In addition to teaching, we also had the opportunity to learn about Puebloan culture. We stayed at the Inn at Halona, right in Zuni, and we had the opportunity to experience traditional food and dance.