25th Annual Open House

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On February 27, 2016, the Little Shop of Physics hosted its 25th Annual Open House. The last Saturday in February every year, this free event draws in crowds by the thousands to the Colorado State University Lory Student Center. There, folks of all ages from pre-K to grey can interact with our Hands On Science Experience: over 300 interactive experiments build from everyday objects.

Students exploring the Electricity, Magnetism and Light Room

Father and son explore the Sound, Waves and Motion Room

We also featured Science Spectacles, large and zesty demonstrations like The Million Volt Tesla Coil, Giant Fog Rings, Plush Projectiles and our grand finale which involved popping a 30-foot fog filled balloon.

The crowd reacts to the Giant Fog Rings Spectacle

The LSOP Crew prepares to launch Plush Projectiles

Many other groups also participated in Open House. We had presentations from groups from UNC in Greeley, XRaise in Cornell and Jærmuseet Science Circus in Norway. There were partner rooms hosted by other groups at CSU: Human Anatomy Program, Microbiology Department, Muscles Alive! and the STEM Educators Club. Also, partners from other institutions were featured: Oglala Lakota College, UNC, Jærmuseet Science Circus, Xraise Cornell, The Physics Bus, NCAR, and Loveland High School.

The Physics Bus traveling hands-on science program from Cornell, NY

Bubbletopia presented by the CSU STEM Educators Club

Photos and Media

Check out our photos here and CSU’s photos here.

You can also see an article on Open House in the CSU Source here.

Stay tuned for more pictures and videos!