Get Your Science On: Jupiter Jar

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John shows how to make a Jupiter Jar. This awesome experiment shows you how a fluid flows in a spinning globe. This is analogous to the motion of the atmosphere on Jupiter (or the Earth!)

Materials Needed

Turntable (we used a sculpting wheel)
Acrylic lamp globe
Plug for globe (we used a circle of plastic, cut to the size of the hole on the globe)
Rheoscopic fluid (or shimmery soap)
Food coloring (optional)
Waterproof sealant (such as silicon caulking)

Please let us know if you need help finding any of these materials. We were able to find them all online without too much difficulty.

How to Build It

Mix 3 parts water to 1 part rhescopic fluid. The exact mixture can be adjusted to achieve the desired effect. If you wish, add a small amount of food coloring; not too much to obscure the current lines in the fluid. Invert the globe and fill with the fluid mixture. Glue on the plug, and seal with waterproof sealant. Allow to dry. Glue the entire globe, flat side down, to the turntable. Allow the glue to dry. Take your Jupiter Jar for a spin!