Weather and Science Day 2015

 In Little Shop News

On April 23, Coors Field became a gigantic open-air classroom as more than 12,000 kids got a lesson in physics from Colorado State University’s Little Shop of Physics, 9News & the Colorado Rockies.

Weather & Science Day is a partnership between Colorado State University, the Colorado Rockies, and Channel 9 News. The Rockies provided funding, as did Channel 9 and—of course—Colorado State University, most especially the College of Natural Sciences.

The Little Shop of Physics crew spent several weekends preparing. They created several large (and one gigantic!) fog ring shooters out of a set of inflatable water roller pool toys. They tested and re-tested equipment for the wish lanterns and fog balloons, cut hundreds of yards of fabric to make 75 spandex bands to demonstrate waves in the stands. On the day, they put on an amazing show.

An event like this doesn’t just happen. It took more than 400 CSU student, staff, and community volunteers and hundreds of man hours to put it all together. As part of our Packapooloza bag packing event on April 18, 250 volunteers from CSU sororities and fraternities, as well as a crew from the Colorado Rockies helped us stuff 15,000 bags with reusable hand warmers, chromadepth glasses, reaction time rulers, and UV bracelets … It was a full day, but at the end of it we had 300 totes of 50 bags each, two totes for each of the volunteers who would be working in the stands.

The 150 CSU student and community volunteers were supervised by 15 CSU staff and community volunteers who gave up a day to help us put on this program.

So many people gave so much time and effort, and with such enthusiasm!


Check out our pictures below from the big day (courtesy of Jill P. Mott and Bill Cotton)!