Everything You Need to Know: Colorado Science Standards

Looking for LSOP resources to engage your students with a specific science standard, either in the classroom or through remote instruction? This is your page! Read on for an index that matches our Everything You Need to Know About... content to Colorado middle and high school academic standards. Middle school standards This section of the [...]

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This image shows juniper leaves and bluish “berries”, which in fact are not berries at all, but mature ovulate cones.

Everything You Need to Know: Is that a berry?

Cucumbers aren't vegetables, and neither are bell peppers. Raspberries are fruit, but they aren't berries, and neither are blackberries. But pumpkins, oranges, and bananas are all berries. What's the story here, and how can you figure out what's what in your kitchen? Read on for answers in this edition of Everything You Need to Know [...]

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