Each year, we take 3-5 extended road trips to areas far from the Front Range. The emphasis is on visiting schools with diverse student populations in underserved areas.

The Little Shop team on the November, 2016 trip to the Pine Ridge reservation. New this year was the involvement of 6 students from the College of Natural Sciences Learning Community.

The Little Shop of Physics made our first trip to a Native American reservation area in March, 1995. We’ve developed relationships with the tribes, the schools, the teachers, the students, that we visit. We have a strong partnership with CSU’s Native American Cultural Center with whom we coordinate all trips; they locate schools, involve CSU students, and recruit future CSU students among the students we visit.

Sheila Ferguson, Teacher in Residence, has been coordinating and leading these trips for many years.

We do more than just present school programs; we also host community nights and teacher workshops. Our 2017 Spring Break trip was typical—3 schools, 1,400 students (each of whom received a bag of materials to take home), 1 community night, 2 teacher workshops.

Our 2016-2017 tour involves 4 extended road trips:

  • October, 2016: Oklahoma City
  • November, 2016: Pine Ridge reservation
  • March, 2017: Navajo reservation
  • May, 2017: Hopi / Zuni reservations (tentatively)

Funding for these trips is currently provided by Halliburton.

Full information and details are given in the stewardship reports:

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