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Everything You Need to Know: Colorado Science Standards

Looking for LSOP resources to engage your students with a specific science standard, either in the classroom or through remote instruction? This is your page! Read on for an index that matches our Everything You Need to Know About... content to Colorado middle and high school academic standards. Middle school standards This section of the [...]

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Art of Science Contest

We are excited to announce the Art of Science contest for Poudre School District students grades 6-12. Submit an original science-themed composition—video, music, writing, or visual art—and compete to win awesome prizes! Submissions are accepted now through May 15, and winners will be selected by CSU students and staff! For more information or to enter, [...]

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Little Shop of Physics in Namibia

The College of Natural Sciences Little Shop of Physics team returned to Namibia as hosts of B2Gold Namibia’s CSR efforts in January, 2020. This was the third visit in four years, but in some sense, the program has never left. The B2Gold-funded effort of the science educators in Namibia to help teachers better engage and prepare their students goes by the name of Little Shop of Physics, and uses the techniques shared on past visits.

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Children at the school

Fundraiser for Robert’s School and Orphanage

$50 will educate a child at Robert’s school in Uganda for 1 year. The story of the school, how it was founded, the students who live and study there, the teachers who spend their days with them, and the work that CSU and the Little Shop of Physics are doing there, is a compelling one. At this event, we’ll share this story, the work we are doing with the school, and how you can help. We’ll share some of the activities we shared with the students and teachers this year, as well as our plans for the future.

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Little Shop of Physics at Robert Serunjogi’s school in Uganda

Members of CSU’s Little Shop of Physics in the College of Natural Sciences joined Robert Serunjogi for a visit to the orphanage Robert founded in his home village in Uganda. The orphanage is now a school, due to construction and development made possible with the help of Laura Schreck, a recent CSU graduate, who worked tirelessly to raise funds and provide support.

For people who have supported the development of the school, know this: The community supports the school 100%. They have donated labor, materials, time, and care. It’s amazing to see how much has been done, and how well things are going.

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Public Events

Ljubljana, Slovenia
10:00 AM
Lory Student Center

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