We Are All Connected

Date: 03/10/2019   Time: 3pm to 4pm

A Fundraiser for Robert Serunjogi’s Orphanage

Sunday, March 10
Lory Student Center Theater

Refreshments at 2:30 Program at 3:00

Robert Serunjogi is a well-known figure around Fort Collins and Colorado State University. He has a compelling story and he’s managed, with the help of Laura Schreck, to raise funds to build an orphanage and school in his hometown in Uganda.

Now that the school is built and students are attending, the Little Shop of Physics is raising funds to purchase equipment for the science classes at the school. This equipment will be shared with teachers at the school during a training session in July, 2019.

All of the funds raised will be used to provide equipment for the school. Given the low-cost nature of the Little Shop approach, even small donations will go a long way.

To learn more, please visit https://goo.gl/forms/HQv5mbyISlwpnO6I2